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New Study Reveals Several Game Developers In UK And US Start To Add Blockchain In Games

Game developers from the United Kingdom and the United States, in a significant majority, are utilizing elements of blockchain in the games thereof, as disclosed by a study published this week. The respective study, being conducted by a firm called Stratis, disclosed that the recognition of blockchain, NFTs, as well as the latest play-to-earn concept in the market of cryptocurrency is assisting game developers to evolve the conventional methods through which the games are developed, with the target of getting to the latest markets and attracting new players.

NFTs and blockchain to lead video game advancement

The trend of endowing video games with blockchain features as well as NFTs has become quite prevalent. As per a study which was conducted by Stratis (a blockchain venue) in association with Opinium (a research company) and published this week, 197 developers were surveyed across the United Kingdom and the United States resulted in 58% of the respondents having the intentions to utilize blockchain features in the respective games. Additionally, the very study pointed out that 48% out of these developers are inclined toward integrating NFTs in the games.

This is the evidence signifying that the utility of such elements to escalate the connection between the players, as well as the digital worlds thereof, is gradually being taken to the surface by the mainstream firms which are related to gaming. A few among the largest gaming firms, such as EA, consider that such latest technologies are to contribute to a great extent to the gaming industry’s future. The survey endorses this tendency, as up to 70% of participants stated that they would contemplate utilizing such technologies in their upcoming games, and 56% consider doing such during the coming 12 months.

AAA Studios has intentions, nevertheless, Indies are beforehand in

Chief Executive Officer of Stratis (a firm offering an SDK for including blockchain features in the game structures), Chris Trew, mentioned that after witnessing an acceptance of NFTs and blockchain-based games by the well-known venues like Epic, there are chances that AAA studios would also issue titles having such technologies included in them during the years to come. However, many game developers, who are Indies, will take their earliest moves.

Although Ubisoft, Square Enix, Electronic Arts, and other huge gaming firms are experimenting with NFTs and blockchain for a considerable time, Axie Infinity (a Sky Mavis’ developed game) and other such initiatives taken by many individual Indie studios are embracing the play-to-earn concept to boost up the economy.

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